Mental Health Days

Mental Health Days (Video)

Sometimes we all need to take a “mental health day.”  We might not be sick.  There might not be anything physically wrong with us.  But we just do not feel right and we need to take a little time for ourselves.

This happened to me recently.  I was feeling really irritable.  I could not focus.  I was not accomplishing anything.  I was getting really frustrated.  Finally about mid-morning I told myself enough was enough and I was taking a mental health day.

I went out, treated myself to a mid-morning snack, ran some errands, and took care of a few things for me.  In the process, I ran into my brother, who was in town to see a client.  We had a nice chat.  I treated myself to a late lunch.  (I like eating out.)

It was one of the first really nice days this season, perfect for putting the top down on the car.  When I returned home, I found reasons to go driving again just to enjoy the weather.  When I returned home again, I spent some time reading.

The next day I felt great!  I was energetic and enthusiastic.  I was so productive that I more than made up for taking the previous day off.  Taking a day off was what I needed.  I needed a mental health day.

Being self-employed does have its advantages.  As long as I meet deadlines, it does not matter if I work at noon or at midnight.  This makes it easier for me to take a day off than if I punched a time clock.

If you can, when you know you really need to take a day off even if you are not sick, take a mental health day.  You will feel so much better the next day!

Self Leadership

Self Leadership (Video)

Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself.

What does this mean?

It simply means that before you can be successful at leading, managing, or influencing others, you must have control over your own life.  This does not mean that your life is exactly the way you want it.  It does mean, however, that you accept accountability and responsibility for yourself and your life.  It means that you are taking action to create the life you want and the person you want to become.

To do this, you need to be aware of what makes you, you.  What are your thoughts?  Values?  Beliefs?  Passions?  Goals?  Motivations?  Who are you and why are you the way you are?  This helps you determine why you do the things you do.  (Why we do things is usually more important than what we do.  That is the topic for another blog.)

This applies to your personal life and as well as you professional life.  Each impacts the other.  An important benefit to this is that the skills that make you successful in one aspect of your life can assist you in another aspect.  For example, skills that you learn to deal with less-than-desirable co-workers can usually be used to deal with those pesky relatives that refuse to fall off the family tree!

These blogs are designed to provide you with an opportunity to think about various topics.  From this you may gain a new perspective about yourself, your motivations, and your actions.  After that, it becomes much easier to make changes in your thoughts and behaviors if you decide to do so.

I hope you will become a frequent reader!