Write Your Epitaph

Write Your Epitaph (Video)

An exercise to help in goal setting is to write your own obituary.  When you pass away at age 80, 90, 100, or whatever you desire, what do you want your obituary to say?  What accomplishments do you want to have recorded?  What do you want people to say about you?

This can help you determine what your life goals are.  Once you know what your goals are, you can develop and implement a plan to achieve them.

A similar exercise, and one that may require more thought, is to write your epitaph.  What one sentence do you want on your grave marker to sum up who you were?  This can be harder to do because of the limited number of words.  It becomes necessary to distill your essence.  This describes you as a person, not necessarily your accomplishments.

I think this may be what I will want:  “Susan was a wise woman of integrity.”  I am not wise yet, although I do well with the integrity part.  I may change my mind as time goes on, but for now, I think striving for this is worthwhile.

What do you want your epitaph to be?

2 thoughts on “Write Your Epitaph”

  1. I would like to be known for loving others and myself. I would like my epitaph to read that I was a very simple woman who loved and who cared for everyone who came into her life.

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