Be Tolerant

Be Tolerant (Video)

It is easy to get frustrated with other people.  They do not always think the way we do or do things the way we would.

First, that does not mean that they are wrong.  Rarely is there any one best way.  What we do works for us.  We can hope that what they do is working for them without hurting anyone else.

Second, maybe they are learning and trying something that is new to them.  There is a learning curve.  Someday they may be as good as, or better than, you.

As long as the other person is not doing you any harm, be tolerant.

Aim Accurately

Aim Accurately (Video)

A problem that I have in golf is aiming.  Whenever I think that I am aiming at the pin, the ball goes to the right.  Consistently.  When I aim to the left of the pin, the ball goes straight for the pin.

As I thought about his, I realized that this could happen in our professional and personal lives as well.  We may think we are aiming for our goals.  However, if we consistently miss our goals, then something is wrong. 

Remember, there is no reality, only perception.  Our perception may be that we are aiming for our goals, but if the reality is that we are missing our goals, our aim may be off.

The most common correction is to change how or where we are aiming.

When I change how I am aiming for the pin, the ball goes toward the pin.  I have found that this is true in life, too.  There have been times when no matter how hard I try, I cannot reach a goal.  When I stop and analyze the situation, and how or where I am aiming, often I can then reach the goal.

If you are not meeting a professional or personal goal, stop and analyze how and where you are aiming.  You may have more success if you modify your aim.  Where you think you are aiming may not be where you are actually aiming.  It is the reality and perception concept again!

20/20 Hindsight

20/20 Hindsight (Video)

Our vision on what we should have done is usually 20/20.  Because we know what we did and what happened because of it, we know what we should have done.

We cannot change what has already happened.  However, how often do we use the lessons learned when similar situations occur?

If we apply what we learned from 20/20 hindsight, we can greatly improve our vision of current situations.  Better vision leads to better decisions.

In 2014, Don’t Act Like Prey!

Don’t Act Like Prey! (Condensed Presentation for NSA-WI) (Video Link)

Do you want to be successful in your professional and personal life in 2014?  Of course you do!  We all do!

A critical strategy is to be assertive.  This sounds easy, until you try to do it routinely.  There is a fine balance between passive behavior and aggressive behavior, called assertive.

When we are passive, we do not speak out on our behalf.  We do not stand up for ourselves.  When we are passive, we will not achieve our personal and professional goals.

When we are aggressive, we damage the relationships with the people in our life.  We need others, and positive relationships with them, to achieve the life we want.

A simple technique to find the balance of being assertive is respect.  Respect ourselves and respect others.

For a quick synopsis of these concepts, please view the video clip (the link is at the top).  It is a very condensed version of my presentation, Don’t Act Like Prey!  My regular presentation provides more detail, stories, and examples.  Please contact me if you are interested in having me present to your organization or association.

For an in-depth look at passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior, and tools to assist you, please order my book, Don’t Act Like Prey!  It is available from  If you order through my website,, and leave me your email address before clicking on the link to order from Amazon, I will send you a special bonus chapter.

I wish you a happy and prosperous 2014!