Values (Video Link)

Ultimately, values define us.  Our values make us who we are.  It is imperative that we know our values and live by them.

“Actions speak louder than words” applies to values.  For example, we may state that we value honesty.  However, if we lie to others and ourselves, what do we really value?  It is not honesty!

We need to define our values and then live by them, every day.

Lesson from Mary Poppins

Lesson from Mary Poppins (Video Link)

A few years ago my husband and I took the grandchildren to see the play Mary Poppins.  A recurring line was, “Anything can happen if you let it.”

This is very true!  How often do we keep ourselves from success because we do not let things happen?  We do not take risks.  We do not open ourselves up to new ideas.  We get in our own way.  There are many things that we do to not let things happen.

Although I think the line in the play was meant as a reminder to let the good things happen, it can also be a reminder that bad things can happen if we let them.  For example, our health may suffer if we overeat, do not eat a healthful diet, do not exercise, do not manage stress or if we smoke or drink excessively,. Our professional and personal relationships will suffer if we neglect them.  Our career will suffer if we do not continue to strive to improve.

Keep in mind that “Anything can happen if you let it”—for good and bad!  So let the good in, and keep the bad out.

Just Do Something

Just Do Something (Video)

There are great resources available on time management.  One common recommendation is to work on those items that will make the most impact on your life.  It can be easy to get bogged down in doing little things that are not really that important.  In general, I agree with this advice.

There are times, though, when I just do not feel like doing anything.  Can any of you relate to that? 

Sometimes I just do not have the energy or focus for a large project.  I have found that it helps to just do something, anything.  Once I start doing something, even if it is one of those little things that will not have that big of an impact, it gets me started.  Once I get started and build a little momentum, then it becomes easier to get involved in the bigger projects that do matter.

Probably most important to remember, though, is that each of us has to discover what works for us.  There is no one right way.  As long we get the results we want, then our method is working for us.