Stop Complaining and Do Something

Stop Complaining and Do Something (Video Link)

It is human nature to complain.  A certain amount of venting is good.  It releases some pressure and stress.  It can help us put things into perspective.  (Have you ever caught yourself complaining and realized how absurd it could sound to someone who is much worse off than you are?  I have.)

Complaining can also prompt us to take action and change things.

After a time, however, complaining does not do any good.  Alone, it does not fix anything; it does not change anything.  It just takes a great deal of our time and energy that could be used for better purposes.  Do you know anyone who has been complaining about the same (probably petty) grievance for years?  What a waste!

There is a sign I saw that I really liked.  It went something like this:  “Pull on your big girl panties and deal with it!” 

There comes a point when additional complaining is senseless.  Either take action and do something, or let it go.  Put your time and effort into something that will achieve positive results.

Persistence or Stubbornness?

Persistence or Stubbornness? (Video Link)

Persistence is good.  Rarely do we reach our professional and personal goals without being persistent.  We need to keep working toward our goals rather than give up.

Sometimes, however, persistence crosses into stubbornness.  This is not necessarily good.

For example, some time ago I had an evening meeting.  I had been to the location before and was certain I knew where it was.  It was not there!  I drove up and down the road several times without finding it.  However, I knew it was there.  Finally, I called for directions.  The location was farther south than I thought.

The positive aspect of this was that I was persistent until I found it.  The negative aspect was that my stubbornness kept me from finding it sooner.  Things are not always as we remember.  Sometimes we are wrong.  When I arrived, I realized the mistake I had made.  I had confused two crossroads.

Be persistent in attaining your goals.  However, do not become so stubborn that it holds you back.

Easer or Jumper?

Easer or Jumper? (Video Link)

Do you carefully ease yourself into new situations?  Or do you jump in?

I am an “easer.”  I like to ease my way into situations.  I like to study the situation, analyze it, develop goals, create a plan, and eventually do something.

I have friends who are “jumpers.”  Whatever the situation, they just jump into it and start doing things.  Sometimes I admire them!

There is no right or wrong.  Both methods can get the job done. 

A concern with being an easer is that it may take much longer than it should to get results.  After a while, more information or planning does not help.  However, the result is usually right on target.

A concern with being a jumper is that although things are being done, they may not be the right things.  Time may be wasted by going back and doing things over.  However, at least something is being done.

Which are you, an easer or a jumper?  Or are you nicely balanced in the middle?

Do Things that Make You Smile

Do Things that Make You Smile (Video Link)

It is said that laughter is good for the soul.  I believe that.  I think there are wonderful things that happen to us when we laugh.  I think good things happen to us when we smile, too.  When we find something that makes us smile, it makes us feel better, if only for a moment or two.  That can lift our spirits and give us a new perspective on the situation we are facing.

I realized this many years ago when I was going through a very difficult time.  I happened to glance out the side window as I was driving to work and saw a rabbit sitting by the side of the road.  He was just sitting.  He appeared to be watching the traffic go past.  It made me smile.  That was a turning point for me.  I knew, in that instant, that I would survive the tough time I was facing.

There are many little things that we can do to make us smile every day.  Pictures of those we love on our desk can make us smile.  I have a special ringtone on my phone for my husband.  Every time it rings it makes me smile.  I really enjoy nature, so for me seeing something as silly as a squirrel sitting on the deck can make me smile.  (My grandchildren have named him “Fat Freddy.”)   Pets can make us smile and often make us laugh out loud.  A list of our accomplishments can make us smile.

What makes you smile?  What can you do to set the stage for frequent smiles throughout the day?