Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned (Video)

This blog is different from the ones I have done in the past in that it “sets the stage” for the accompanying video rather than containing similar information.

I belong to an association called The Business Building Academy.  A regular feature of the meetings is the opportunity for members to tell of a business lesson that they have learned.

The attached video is the first Lesson Learned that I did.  It tells one of the many stories that I have experienced that emphasizes the importance of being assertive.  We must stand up for ourselves.  More importantly, we must stand up for our values.


dreamstimefree_199618Routines (Video)

Routines help us until they hurt us.

Routines can be very helpful in that they assist us be productive.  They help us be efficient.

However, there are times when we cannot follow our routines.  We get sick, family members need us, customers want something last minute, and we need to adapt.  For some of us, however, it can be very difficult not to follow our routines.

Routines can help us immensely.  However, we must remain flexible enough that when the routine cannot be followed, we adapt quickly and do what needs to be done.


Stop Studying and Start Doing

Stop Studying and Start Doing (Video)

If someone whould pay me, I could easily be a professional student.  I have always loved school, I think mostly because I love to learn.  Even now, I like doing the research for projects and presentations.  I like gaining new knowledge and skills.

There comes a time, though, when I need to stop “studying” a topic and start “doing” something about it.

There are many reasons people do not accomplish what they intend.  This is just one.  If you are one of those who enjoy the studying and preparation so much that you never finish, it may be time to “leave school” and “enter the real world.”

If I can do it, so can you!

The 3 R’s of Assertiveness

SF_DontActLikePrey_F1.inddA simple method to consistently be assertive (not passive or aggressive) is to use the 3 R’s.  Relationships, Rights, Respect.

We are all involved in professional and personal relationships.

Within each of these relationships, we and the other person have certain rights.

It is necessary that we treat ourselves and others, our rights and their rights, with respect.

For more information, and tools to assist you in becoming assertive more consistently, please see my book, Don’t Act Like Prey!  You can order it through my website, http://www.susanlfarrell.com/Section/Shop/index.html.  If you leave me your email address, I will send you a special bonus chapter.

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