Month: October 2014

Under-promise and Over-deliver

Scotty (Video) Do you remember Scotty from the original Star Trek series?  Scotty developed the reputation of a miracle-worker.  His secret was that he consistently under-promised and over-delivered.  (Alright, he was also exceptional at what he did.)  Captain Kirk would ask him how long it would take to fix something.  “Three days, Cap’n.”  “We only …

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Keep Your Word

Keep Your Word (Video) It is imperative that we keep our word, no matter what. When we keep our word, people learn that they can trust us.  When we do not keep our word, people quickly learn that we cannot be trusted.  It can take years to correct that reputation. We must, of course, keep …

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No Magic Pill

No Magic Pill (Video) Sorry, but there is no magic pill.  There is nothing that we can take that will make us healthy, wealthy, or wise.  There is no magic potion or spell that will give us the life we want. All we can do is to learn everything we can, implement as much as …

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