hConfidence (Video)

We can obtain confidence from within ourselves or from outside.  In other words, we can obtain confidence from ourselves or from others.  In combination, both are good.

The problem with obtaining confidence just from what others tell us, however, is that if they start tearing us down, it can be difficult to continue to believe in ourselves.

When our confidence comes from within us, then no one can take that away from us.  It is important that we remember that we can do things, because we have done them.

We know we can succeed because we have succeeded before.  Even failure can bring confidence because we know that when we failed, we still survived.  Often when we try again, we do succeed.

Feel good about the good things people tell you.  Let that build your confidence.  But do not rely solely on that.  Also build your confidence by telling yourself good things about yourself.  Remind yourself of all that you have done and all that you have accomplished.

Time Wasters

dreamstimefree_24395Time Wasters (Video)

We all have time wasters.  We all have things that we like to do that does not give us anything in return.  We cannot succeed if we spend time on these items instead of working.

By time wasters, I do not mean hobbies.  We all need to do things to relax, to take our minds off of work, to connect with other people, to grow ourselves in ways other than professionally.  These things help make our life richer.

By time wasters I mean those things that we do that do not contribute to our lives in any way.  For example, my time waster is spider solitaire.  I do not even know why I like it.  I do not like video games and do not like games in general.  But for some reason I like spider solitaire.

So is it a big deal?  A game only takes 5-10 minutes.  The problem is that those 5-10 minutes can really add up during the course of the day.  That is time spent that cannot be spent on anything else, work or hobby.

What time wasters are stealing time away from your professional or personal pursuits?  You cannot succeed by playing spider solitaire!