Month: April 2020

Self-Empowerment and Equal Partnerships

In talking about self-empowerment, we often focus on ourselves. Our rights. Our responsibilities. Our choices. Our life. It is necessary to remember, though, that everything that applies to us also applies to everyone else. This means that if you are in a committed relationship, your partner is just as important as you are. The life …

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Balancing Rights and Responsibilities

We have rights. Others have the same rights. None of us has the right to harm others or to do things that could potentially cause harm, however. We have responsibilities, to ourselves and to others. We have the responsibility to keep ourselves safe. We also have the responsibility to do what we can to keep …

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Empowerment is External; Self-Empowerment is Internal

Empowerment is when someone has power, permission, and/or authority to do something. This often comes from outside the person. For example, our supervisor might empower us to make decisions related to the business. We might empower our attorney to make legal decisions for us. Laws might empower women to have more equal status in the …

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