Finish What You Start

For me, starting projects is easy. New projects are fun and exciting. The difficulty is in finishing them. Finishing is what matters, however. It is in finishing the project that we get the results we want. There are many reasons we do not finish what we start. We get busy, we get tired, or other things come up. Sometimes we …

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Feelings, Rights, and Responsibilities

We have the right to feel everything that we do.  Along with that right is the responsibility to express those feelings appropriately. We have the right to feel all the positive emotions:  happiness, joy, excitement, accomplishment, and love, among others.  We also have the right to feel all the so-called negative emotions such as anger, …

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Do you Make Things Happen, or Do You Wait for Things to Happen?

People that make things happen know what they want, they develop a plan to make it happen, they implement the plan, and they regularly evaluate their results.  If they are achieving the results they want, great.  If not, they reevaluate their plan, revise it as necessary, and implement the new plan.  They continuously do this.  …

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Rights and Responsibilities

We all have rights.  With these rights, however, come responsibilities. For example, we have the right to our opinion. We have the right to voice our opinion. We also have a responsibility to voice our opinion while respecting others. For example, if we state what we think of someone’s actions, that is better than attacking …

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There is No Reality, Only Perception

We have all heard the phrase, “There is no reality, only perception.”  The world is to each of use what we perceive it to be.  Some people perceive the world to be wonderful and others perceive it to be horrendous.  How we perceive our lives becomes our reality.  How we perceive ourselves becomes our reality. …

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