No Reality, Only Perception (2)

No Reality, Only Perception (Video Link)

dreamstime_xs_19065343Previously I wrote about how our perception of ourselves determines what we think of us, and how it might not be accurate. Now I would like to write about how our perception of other people determines what we think of them, and again, how that perception may not be accurate.

For example, have you ever had an employee who really messed up? What was your perception of that employee’s ability to do the job at the time? Have your perceptions changed? If not, is it possible the employee has changed and you have not seen it? Although I believe that generally past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior, I also believe that people can change. It may be more difficult for our perceptions to change.

Are there other people in your professional and personal life who may have changed, and you have not seen it?

It is important to keep an open mind. We may need to consciously analyze our perceptions to see if they are still accurate.

Aim Accurately

Aim Accurately (Video)

A problem that I have in golf is aiming.  Whenever I think that I am aiming at the pin, the ball goes to the right.  Consistently.  When I aim to the left of the pin, the ball goes straight for the pin.

As I thought about his, I realized that this could happen in our professional and personal lives as well.  We may think we are aiming for our goals.  However, if we consistently miss our goals, then something is wrong. 

Remember, there is no reality, only perception.  Our perception may be that we are aiming for our goals, but if the reality is that we are missing our goals, our aim may be off.

The most common correction is to change how or where we are aiming.

When I change how I am aiming for the pin, the ball goes toward the pin.  I have found that this is true in life, too.  There have been times when no matter how hard I try, I cannot reach a goal.  When I stop and analyze the situation, and how or where I am aiming, often I can then reach the goal.

If you are not meeting a professional or personal goal, stop and analyze how and where you are aiming.  You may have more success if you modify your aim.  Where you think you are aiming may not be where you are actually aiming.  It is the reality and perception concept again!

There is No Reality, Only Perception

No Reality, Only Perception (Video)

We have all heard the phrase, “There is no reality, only perception.”  The world is to each of use what we perceive it to be.  Some people perceive the world to be wonderful and others perceive it to be horrendous.  How we perceive our lives becomes our reality.  How we perceive ourselves becomes our reality.

It seems to me that when it comes to self-perception, there are three types of people.

There are those who do not give themselves enough credit.  They do not think they are that good or that worthy.  They focus on their failures.  If this sounds like you, try focusing on your strengths and talents.  You may be a much better person, and much better at what you do, than you think.

There are also those who create a perception about themselves that is much better than what others have of them.  They may do this to make themselves feel good about themselves, to justify past actions, or to avoid looking too closely at who they really are.  If this might be you, consider being honest with yourself.  If there are things in your life that you want to improve, you cannot make good decisions with faulty information.

And then there are those individuals who have a pretty accurate perception of themselves.  They see their faults and work to overcome them rather than letting the faults define who they are.  They see their strengths and accomplishments and take credit for their hard work and persistence.  If this is you, congratulations!

Which type do you think you are?  Are there any changes you would like to make in your perception of yourself?