Self Leadership

Use the Back of Your Brain

When I was in college it always took me awhile to complete the research for papers.  The major reason was that I always found so many interesting studies to read.  They might not have been relevant for the paper I was writing, but it was hard to resist reading them anyway. One related to brain …

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The Best and the Brightest

A friend and I were reminiscing at our 40th high school reunion about, of all things, high school.  During the conversation, she made a comment about how she and our other friends were surprised that for so long my goal was to become a secretary.  The reason it surprised them, she said, was that I …

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Aim Higher

I recently attended my 40th high school reunion.  During a conversation with a friend since elementary school (not an old friend—neither of us are old!) I was reminded of something one of the high school guidance counselors told me many years ago.  He explained it differently than I will here, but the concept is the …

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Common Courtesy—Not So Common

I’m beginning to believe that common courtesy is an oxymoron.  Courtesy is not so common anymore. You do not hear the little courtesies (please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me) as frequently as in the past.  You also hear more obviously discourteous behaviors (yelling, screaming, interrupting). I think part of this is related to television.  …

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Everything is Subject to Change

My husband and I saw a sign in Key West stating: “Everything is Subject to Change.” Yep, that pretty well sums it up.  Anything and everything can change at any time. Although we can plan for what might happen, I think the best thing we can do is to try to be mentally and emotionally …

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Surface and Hidden Cultures

I met a woman recently who works with companies to change their cultures.  It was an interesting conversation and it prompted me to think about company cultures that I have experienced. One in particular comes to mind.  It was a skilled nursing facility with a very high turnover in the nursing department.  The turnover didn’t …

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